Latihan soal subjunctives 3

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1. X: Where are you going? You haven’t forgotten captain’s oder that we ____ here until he finds a solution, have you?
Y: I know. I just can’t sit here waiting for him.
2. Doctor Bill’s advice that Jim ____ is absolutely correct, but he’s just too stubborn to listen to anyone, even if he’s a doctor.
3. Jane insisted that John ____ gone from her life no matter what. She must really hate him.
4. It is mandatory that students be ____ to their teachers.
5. Mia requested that I ____ at her birthday party at 7 o’clock sharp. She said she had a surprise for me.
6. Captain has given them order that they ____ the criminals get away, no matter what it takes.
7. Tomorrow is your first day at work. It is extremely important that you ____ late.
8. My father did let me go to see the concert, but he ordered that I ____ after 10 p.m.
9. The government has given an order that citizens ____ to a safe zone before the volcano erupts.
10. The students requested that the test ____, but Mr. Abe insisted on giving it this morning.


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