Latihan soal subjunctives 2

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1. I recommended ____ she go to see her doctor two days ago.
2. It is important that we ____ and stay consistent in order to achieve our dreams.
3. I can’t understand her request that I ____ ten bottles of chili sauce in our anniversary tomorrow.
4. Mrs. Brown insisted that I ____ her husband immediately even though I told her that he was in an important meeting.
5. In 1947, the Dutchmen demanded that people of Surabaya ____, but they refused. That’s why a firce war broke out.
6. In our meeitng yesterday, Jane suggested that we ____ Sydney, But John disagreed.
7. Unlike in western countries, it is imperatve students in Indonesia ____ uniform to go to school.
8. In order to keep our mind fresh and creative, it is necessary that we ____ eight hours a day.
9. Garreth argued that it was vital that population ____ as effectively as possible. Otherwise, there would be many social problems.
10. The police is thinking about fulfilling the kidnapper’s demand that they ____ him a sum of no less than $500.000.


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