Latihan soal subject-verb agreement 4

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1. The woman in these magazines ____ very attractive. I can’t understand why so many people love her.
2. X: So, shen should we see Robbin in his new house?
Y: Either Saturday or Sunday ____ OK by me.
3. A strong spirit of nationalism ____ among these youth. I’m veryproud of them.
4. Most of the politicians in this country ____ honest. They never keep any promise they make to the people.
5. What John has just said ____ like a brilliant idea. We have to try to build a business even before we graduate.
6. Nobody ____ Sarah in the kitchen. I’m going to take a look at her and see if she’s in trouble.
7. All the goods in Joy Department Store ____ expensive. They’re of high quzlity, though. The high price is totally worth it.
8. Both Randall and Dennis always ____ about every little bumps they have. Why can’t they just shut up and use their time to solve their problem.
9. X: So, which one do you like? Robbin or Williams?
Y: I won’t chose one because neither of them ____ me.
10. The audience ____ requested to be on their seats 15 minutes before the show starts.


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