Latihan soal subject-verb agreement 3

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Choose the correct answer in the bracket.

1. Half of her money (belong, belongs) to Smith.

2. A number of inhabitants in this village (speak, speaks) French and English very well.

3. One of my relatives (is, are) required to have an ID card.

4. Statistics (is, are) difficult for most students.

5. Every student of this school (is, are) required to have an ID card.

6. The police (is, are) coming. My father called them.

7. Most people (like, likes) hunting birds.

8. Two thousand rupiahs (is, are) enough for a small child.

9. The old in my hometown (is, are) cared by either their children or other relatives.

10. How many kinds of birds (is, are) there in Bandung Zoo?


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