Latihan soal simple present tense 33

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Read the passage then answer the questions!

I am Ghania. I exercise a lot to keep me fit. I always exercise every day. I get up early in the morning and I go for walks for about half an hour. After school I usually go jogging. I also go swimming once a week.

My mother does exercise a lot too. She often goes jogging with me in the afternoon. She doesn’t go for walks in the morning because she has to cook. She does aerobics every Monday and Thursday and she also goes for swimming with me once a week.

My father rarely exercise. He is busy with his works. He sometimes goes jogging every Saturday and Sunday and he plays badminton every Sunday afternoon. He never goes swimming.

1. Ghania exercise every .

2. She always gets up in the morning.

3. She goes for walks for about .

4. After school she usually goes .

5. She also swimming once a week.

6. Ghania's mother goes in the afternoon.

7. Ghania's mother go for walks.

8. Ghania's mother has to every morning.

9. Ghania's fahter is busy with .

10. Ghania's fahter plays badminton every afternoon.