Latihan soal simple present tense 23

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Choose the verb from the list (do, drink, eat, get, have, like, live, open, play, rain, see, speak, use, want, work) that best fits in the sentence below. Write the verb in its correct negative form in the box below.


I ____ tea or coffee.


I don't drink tea or coffee.

1. We in a very nice part of town.

2. The school library until 9.30 on Tuesdays.

3. My brother plays golf but he tennis.

4. It rain much in the summer in Germany.

5. Good, I any problems in your writing.

6. My mother very good German.

7. My sister her iPod very much any more.

8. I to eat any more. I'm full.

9. My mp3 Player . Maybe the batteries are dead.

10. Some students their homework on time.