Latihan soal simple present tense 2

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1. Every morning the watchman turns off all the lights and ..... around the building every half an hour.
2. Colin: Can we postpone the class meeting until Thursday?
Bono: I’m afraid not. I ..... basketball on Thursday.
3. I ..... at five o’clock every morning.
4. Nadya is a nice girl. Everybody ..... her friend.
5. This exam is important. You must .....
6. Mr. Agus: Who can answer the question?
Lorinda: What is your question, Sir?
Mr. Agus: ..... I’ll read the question once more.
Stundents: Yes, sir.
7. They usually ..... rice.
8. My sister and brother seldom ..... shirts.
9. Because I always ..... to school early.
10. She ..... the house every day.