Latihan soal simple past tense 21

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1. You can't blame us for what happened. We ____ not here when it happened.
2. Tara ____ an original merchandise of Jurassic World, but she said he had sold it.
3. The link ____ available one hour ago. If you can't access it anymore it means the registration ____ closed.
4. Emmanuel ____ realize his friends hid his shoes.
5. Ethan and Ellis ____ mad at me when he knew I lied.
6. When I was a kid, Kamal ____ me at school.
7. Daryl ____ in the woods when he was a kid.
8. My little sister ____ her teeth when I was in my bedroom.
9. ____ you see the festival last night?
10. Wulan ____ snitch to Mr. Melissa, Wilson did. I saw him in Mr. Melissa's office.