Latihan soal simple past tense 20

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1. Leonardo registered himself to online game competition ____
2. My brother broke his leg after he fell from motorcycle three days ____
3. ____ Tuesday I saw Enid hunted a rabbit in the woods.
4. I ____ the backflip when I was younger.
5. Tari ____ to the bank two hours ago she said she wanted to save her money.
6. Paul: Why didn't you come to studio?
Alicia: The rain was big, and I was trapped.
Paul: Mr. Bane ____ us how to play drum correctly, you missed the lesson.
7. Wendy: I thought you got the invitation.
Rika: Yes I ____
Wendy: Then why didn't you show up last night?
Rika: I'm sorry, My mom needed me last night.
8. He ____ the paper into two parts ten minutes ago.
9. I forgot to close the cage so the bird just ____ away.
10. I ____ the ball to you, But you didn't ____ it back to me. The coach said so.