Latihan soal simple past tense 10

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Use the words in brackets and form questions with question words. Mind the correct tense (Simple Past) and the word order.


When ____ ? (you/to come back)


When did you come back?


1.What ____ ? (he/to do/first)


2.Where ____ ? (you/to go/after the meeting)


3.How ____ ? (to be/your flight)


4.When ____ ? (they/to arrive/in Surabaya)


5.Where ____ ? (grandma/to put/her glasses)


6.Why ____ ? - I like it. (I/to buy/it)


7.What ____ ? (Sarah/to read/in the lunch break)


8.Why ____ ? - It was terrible. (we/to leave/so early)


9.What ____ ? (to be/your favourite songs/last year)


10.How ____ ? (you/to feel/at the office/on your first day)

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Kunci jawaban:

  1. What did he do first?

  2. Where did you go after the meeting?

  3. How was your flight?

  4. When did they arrive in Surabaya?

  5. Where did grandma put her glasses?

  6. Why did you buy it? - I like it.

  7. What did Sarah read in the lunch break?

  8. Why did we leave so early? - It was terrible.

  9. What were your favorite songs last year?

  10. How did you feel at the office on your first day?