Latihan soal reading comprehensions 2 (invitation text 2)

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Text 1

Student Weekly MeetingTo all members of UNA Society Petroleum Engineer Student Chapter
I would like to remind you to come the weekly meeting on Wednesday, 23 August 2018, from 7 p.m until 9 p.m in
our meeting room. There will be some souvenir from Bali.
Best regards,
Ridlo Irman
Based on the invitation text above, the following statements are false, except .....

Text 2

Debate CompetitionDear Gigih,
Due to the English Debate Competition 2018 event on 1 December 2018, at Dubai, please come to the selection of English Debate Competition 2018.
The top three students will become UNA’s Delegate and compete with others top
students in the world. I believe that you have the quality to pass the selection.
Best regards,
Atim Sekarwangi
What is the purpose of the invitation text above?
3. “The top three students will become UNA’s delegate and compete with others…” The word “become” has synonym to .....

Text 3

Graduation PartyGlad if you can attend and laugh with us In respect of our Daughter’s perseverance and persistence
Isyana Sarasvati has graduated from an Msi
(Master of Science from Bandung Institute Technology)
Accompany with us on
Sunday, Mei 30, 2019 at 8 p.m.
The Suite Room, Hermitage Hotel.
Afgan and Melly Goeslaw
RSVP 65412397
Who is graduated from Bandung Institue Technology?
5. Based on the invitation text above, we can conclude that .....

Text 4

Marriage PartyMr. & Mrs. Kenedy
Glad to invite you to come
The marriage of their daugther
Chelsea Islan
Argavi Koto
at Alila Villas Uluwatu Hotel, Bali
on Friday, 1 November 2018
Started on 1 p.m
Please RSVP before 30 October to Rahmat
There will be Maroon 5 performance
We wait your presence.
The fact from the invitation text above is .....

Text 5

Wedding PartySuenna & David
are waiting you to their wedding
Time : 19.30
Date : 12th of April Sunday
Place : Blue Zest Beach Club
What does the purpose of the text?
8. What party does Suanne and David held?
9. What day does it happen?

Text 6

AnniversaryPlease join us! we celebrate our 40th Anniversary
Romano and Wati Jean
Friday, May 7th
6.30p.m -10.OOp.m
Pondok Indah, South Jakarta
(Dinner is available)
RSVP 65412397
(Nanang/ Nini/ Nita)
The type of the party above is …..
11. The purpose of the invitation text above is .....?