Soal commands and requests (Part 2)


Topic starter

Choose the suitable word in the bracket.

(Pilihlah salah satu dari dalam kurung yang tepat untuk setiap konteks soal di bawah ini.)

  1. He said to me, “(Don’t please leave/Please don’t leave'/Leave please not) the door open!
  2. (You show/To show you/Showing you/Show) that picture to me, please!
  3. Let’s (don’t obey/didn’t obey/never obey/obey not/not obey) him!
  4. (Will you/Won’t you/Let’s/Would you mind/Would you like) posting this letter, please!
  5. (Please be/Being please/Please to be/Been please) diligent!
  6. (Please help/Help please/Helping/To please help/In helping please) me make a wish!
  7. Could you (please accompany/accompany please) me to the party?
  8. Would you mind (not being/not to be/being not/be not) here, please?
  9. (Listen/To listen/Listening/Being listened/Be listen) to me, children!
  10. Please (take/took/taken/to take/taking/in taking) me with you!
1 Answer
  1. Please don't leave
  2. Show
  3. not obey
  4. Would you mind
  5. Please be
  6. Please help
  7. please accompany
  8. not being
  9. Listen
  10. take