Latihan soal pronouns 9

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1. You have to do the test ____ If anyone is found cheating, I will not grade his/her test. Do you understand me, class?
2. Miss Diana lives by herself in that old house. She doesn’t have ____ to talk with.
3. All of my students are immigrant children from Middle East countries ____ of them cannot understand English.
4. I was so hungry last night but there was ____ to eat in the fridge, not even some leftover.
5. Kim has two adorable cats ____ called Pharaoh and Goliath.
6. John has liked Jane for a long time time. He wants to go out with ____ sometimes, but he’s too shy to say it.
7. X: Who is the most important person in ____ life?
X: Of course, it’s my mom. She will always be my hero.
8. My grandma has a cactus garden in Arizona. In fact, the largest cactus in the neighborhood is ____
9. Tim knows ____ about computers. He’s the smartest computer geek in this school.
10. Sarah is not familiar with this town. She won’t make it to supermarket by ____ You need to accompany her.


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