Latihan soal pronouns 8

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1. Tom and Tim are twins ____ both 18-year old. Tim looks a little shorter, though.
2. Peter and I have been friends since middle school. ____ always play soccer on weekend.
3. When a dog is happy, it often wags ____ tail left and right.
4. X: So, your dad is a lawyer? That’s cool. Does he like ____ job?
Y: Pretty much. Sometimes, he complains about getting too much stress, though.
5. X: Is this your pen? Can I borrow ____?
Y: Sure. I still have another one in my bag.
6. Kelly and I went to Bob’s house this afternoon. He showed ___ his new car.
7. X: Do you see that house with red wall? It’s ____
Y: Really? Man, your house is huge and it looks stunning.
8. X: Excuse me, Jane. I forgot to bring my pen again. Can I borrow ____?
Y: I’m sorry John. I don’t bring any extra pen today. This is all I have right now.
9. Natalie always tells everyone to be dicipline but she ____ often comes late to school.
10. Larry and I witnessed that train accident ____ it was very horrible.


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