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Fill in the blank with "other", "others", "another", "the other", "each other", "one another", "every other".


1.I find these books. Where is the ___ ?

2.He has read "Salah Asuhan". Give him ___ ___ book!

3.These cooks are not good. I want ___ .

4.You want to come at any ___ ___ time.

5.Tono helps Jono, Jono helps Tono. They help ___ .

6.There is no ___ ___ person in the room.

7.They come here ___ ___ week.

8.I love my girl, my girl loves me. We love ___ .

9.This pencil is blunt. Is there ___ ?

10.She makes some cakes. My aunt makes some ___ ___ too.

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