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Isi tempat yang kosong dengan salah satu jawaban yang terdapat pada tanda kurung.

1. Trish and (I / me) have decided to move to Brazil.

2. The new employees are (they / them).

3. The problem is unquestionably (she / her).

4. Human beings, (who / whom) are the most fascinating species on earth, are also the most admirable.

5. Those (whom, who) are early to bed and early to rise are healthy, wealthy, and very tired.

6. The best dressed employee has always been (him / he).

7. The winning contestants are the Griffels and (they/ them).

8. The concept (which / that) intrigued (we / us) had not yet been publicized.

9. My car, (who / which) was brand new, had relatively little damage.

10. The car (which / that) hit me was speeding.

11. From (who / whom) did you buy that beautiful purse?

12. The thunderstorm frightened my cat and (I / me).

13. Please sit next to Rita and (me / I).

14. Brenda gave (he / him) a lot of unsolicited advice.

15. With (who / whom) have you agreed to carpool?


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