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Latihan soal pronouns 23  

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1. Every ill cat may not be able to nurse ____ kittens.
2. He and other patients didn't have to change ____ food intake before the laboratory test.
3. Nobody came to the ceremony without money in ____ hand.
4. Someone's been parking a car in front of my house for two days. Should I put a note on ____ car?
5. A table in the restaurant has been reserved for you and ____
6. The Italian boy has two bicycles. One is a touring bicycle, and ____ is a BMX.
7. Some of the students had their friends take ____ final examination results.
8. ____ techniques are mathematical, nevertheless ____ subject is physical.
9. Neither Lesti nor her classmates submitted ____ fellowship application this morning.
10. The economist ____ you want to interview is sitting next to our manager.


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