Latihan soal pronouns 10

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1. She would like to ive in Indonesia, ____ it never snows.
2. The man is an engineer. His wife had a birthday party yesterday.
The best combination of the two sentences is ____.
3. tari: Why do you admire Mother teresa so much?
Susi: Don't you know that she was the woman ____.
4. A friend of mine ____ father is the manager of a company helped me to get a job.
5. Eko: "Which is your mother, Lily?"
Lily: "There she is; the one ____ is coming here."
6. Mary introduced me to her former lecturer ____ she married after she had graduated.
7. Angiosperms inhabit relatively diverse environments and may be found ____ higher plants can survive.
8. ____ hardiness, daylilies can be cultivated particularly easily.
9. The spiral threads of a spider's web have sticky substance of them ____ insects.
10. The good Earth, ____ is a novel set in China.


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