Latihan soal pronouns 1

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1. We also convey our gratitude to those in the business community ..... have sponsored the program to make it available to students and teachers across the country.
2. I want you to say thank you to anyone ..... has supported you.
3. This is the book ..... yesterday.
4. Dian might not be going to school. Her father is now unemployed after the factory ..... he worked was submerged by the mud.
5. Lunda ..... attends Senior High in Kupang is both mentally and physically tough.
6. Grandfather ..... I told you yesterday is now eighty years old.
7. The cave ..... they found the fossils of strange animals will be investigated by some archeologists from Gajah Mada University next week.
8. Mr. Harun ..... father is hospitalized in this hospital is one of my English teachers in Jakarta.
9. The man ..... is very rich.
10. Tito was the only foreigner ..... I saw at the convention.


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