Latihan soal present perfect tense 7

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Put in the words in brackets into the gaps in Present Perfect. Mind the signal word (if given).


I ____ a new T-shirt . (not/to buy/yet)


I have not bought a new T-shirt yet.

1. She her room . (not/to tidy up/yet)

2. They a Tablet PC . (not/to use/so far)

3. My father the car. It is still dirty. (not/to polish)

4. The children the comics . (not/to read/yet)

5. Jason and Tony the words, so they will probably fail the test. (not/to learn)

6. His mother breakfast . (not/to make/so far)

7. I on a lake in winter . (not/to skate/yet)

8. My boss the helpline. (never/to phone)

9. He his favourite T-shirt himself. (not/to wash)

10. Sarah her dog . (not/to take out/yet)