Latihan soal present perfect tense 6

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Put in the verbs in brackets into the gaps and form negative sentences in Present Perfect.


He ____ to music. (not/to listen)


He has not listened to music.

1. Our class the test yet. (not/to write)

2. Tim and Joe the boxes into the house yet. (not/to carry)

3. It to snow. (not/to start)

4. The cat onto the table yet. (not/to jump)

5. I the castle. (not/to visit)

6. We out of the room all day. (not/to go)

7. Fred the money back so far. (not/to give)

8. They Anne about it. (not/to tell)

9. Steven through the park. (not/to walk)

10. The teacher to the party today. (not/to come)