Latihan soal present perfect tense 15

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Fill in the correct form of the Present Perfect tense!


We ____ cards for the last few hours. (play)


have been playing

1. I for 6 years. (marry)

2. Dad a number of jobs in the last few years. (have)

3. The bank is still closed. It yet. (not open)

4. Our daughter lipstick since she was 16. (wear)

5. She is angry because of her boyfriend for half an hour. (not show, wait)

6. I'm still waiting for an answer. They up their minds yet. (not make)

7. How many times the cat today? (Kim feed)

8. The kids on my nerves. They too much noise. (get, make)

9. My company a lot of money in the last few years. They hard on an important project. (make, work)

10. They our new refrigerator yet, but they will any day now. (not deliver)