Latihan soal present perfect tense 14  

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Fill in the correct form of the Present Perfect tense!


We ____ cards for the last few hours. (play)


have been playing

1. your problems? (your parents, always, understand)

2. The patient penicillin for several days now. (take)

3. A big earthquake San Francisco since 1906. (not hit)

4. They in San Francisco since they arrived in the USA 20 years ago. (live)

5. He got ill five weeks ago and yet. (not recover)

6. Everyone in the Middle East about the situation for decades. (worry)

7. We very cold weather this year. (have)

8. Where the money? (you, hide)

9. At last, my favorite team against its most important rival. (win)

10. I for 6 years. (marry)