Latihan soal prepositions 6

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Complete the blank space with "at", "on", or "at" appropriately.

1. Irma got married 19, which is quite old enough to get married in Sundanese tradition.

2. Hurry up! We've got to leave ten minutes.

3. I haven't seen Gina for some times. I last saw her Saturday.

4. I'm just going out to do some shopping. I'll be right back an hour.

5. I'll phone you Friday morning about 11 p.m It alright?

6. Rudi's grandparents died 1973 the age of 93.

7. I am invited to Fina's wedding June 14.

8. Jono doesn't meet his father very often these days usually only Lebaran and sometimes rainy season for few weeks.

9. Do you like going to the cinema Wednesday night?

10. Ina's brother is a freelance teacher but he is out of work the moment.


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