Latihan soal prepositions 5

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Complete the blank space with "at", "on", or "at" appropriately.

1. Mr. Dido is 33 years old. He'll be retiring from his job 27 years' time.

2. The course begins 18th July and ends 12th December.

3. Joko and Narti always go out for lunch their birthday anniversary.

4. I went to bed midnight and got up 5:15 the next morning.

5. The hand-phone and the doorbell rang the same time.

6. We traveled overnight and arrived 6 o'clock the morning.

7. Renaldi was born 1972.

8. Are you doing anything special the weekend?

9. It was quite a short novel and enjoyable to read. I read it a day.

10. Sanusi works very hard during the week, so he likes to relax week-ends.


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