Latihan soal prepositions 10

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Complete the following sentences by putting the correct preposition in the space provided.

1. Moral and social responsibility should be integrated every child's schooling.

2. It's impossible to attend a task properly if you're worrying something else.

3. Kelly has great confidence her children's abilities.

4. It's a good idea to make notes what you're reading if you want to remember it.

5. Unfortunately, many university courses do not provide students the basic study skills they really need.

6. Jack took early retirement as he was losing his grip the job.

7. Apparently, an interest in reading in later life is closely related how much your parents read to you as a child.

8. Ron usually primes himself plenty of black coffee before starting the night shift.

9. I find it very hard to commit historical dates memory.

10. Lack of sleep can seriously interfere your ability to think rationally.


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