Latihan soal prepositional collocations 2

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Choose the correct preposition in bracket based on the given context
(Pilihlah kata depan dalam kurung yang tepat sesuai dengan konteks yang diberikan.)

1. Are you going to apologize (on/for/in/at/to) what your did?

2. Do you belong (to/for/at/into) a political party?

3. Do you know anyone who might be interested (on/in/at/for/to) what I was saying.

4. I'm sorry (for/on/in/about/onto) the smell in this room. It's just been painted.

5. Ani is very pond (on/of/onto/in/to) gardening.

6. It's very nice (on/of/in/from) you let me use your car.

7. I'm not good (at/on/in/for/of) tennis.

8. Rina liked the dress, but (in/on/of/from) my opinion it didn't suit her.

9. When I was 14. I went (on/in/for) a trip to Kuningan organized by my school.

10. When he left home, his attitude (toward/inside/of/for) his parents seemed to change.


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