Latihan soal past perfect tense 7

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Past or past perfect tense. Fill in the correct verb forms!


After he ____ (READ) the letter he ____ (BURN) it.


After he had read the letter he burned it.

1. They (GO) home after they (FINISH) their homework.

2. She just (JUST GO) out when I called at her house.

3. The sun had set before I (BE) ready to go.

4. When she came into the room she saw that her husband (ALREADY DRINK) a lot of coffee.

5. He (LEARN) English before he left for England.

6. When my husband came home I (ALREADY BE) in bed for two hours.

7. My friend (NOT SEE) me for many years when I met him last week.

8. After I (HEAR) the news, I (HURRY) to see him.

9. He thanked me for what I (DO).

10. They drank small cups of tea after they (FINISH) dinner.