Latihan soal past perfect continuous tense 1

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1. When the boys came into the house, their clothes were dirty, they hair was untidy, and one had black eye. They .....
2. The football match had to be stopped. They ..... for half an hour when there was a terrible storm.
3. How long ..... until the bus finally came?
4. He was out of breath. He .....
5. When I looked out the window, it .....
6. Tom was watching television, he was feeling very tired. He ..... hard all day.
7. When I walk into the room, it was empty. But there was a smell of cigarettes. Somebody ..... in the room.
8. When Mary came back from the beach, she looked very from the sun. She ..... in the sun too long.
9. The two boys come into the house. They had a football and they were both very tired. ..... football.
10. Ann woke up in the middle of the night. She was frightened and she didn't know where she was. She .....