Latihan soal past continuous tense 7

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Buatlah wh- question dari kalimat past continuous tense di bawah ini.


They were working at seven o'clock this morning.

What ____ at seven o'clock this morning?


What were they doing at seven o'clock this morning?

1. The operator was thinking about food when pressing the button.
What when pressing the button?

2. She was doing the laundry when you called her.
What when you called her?

3. He was sleeping at 8 p.m. last night because he wanted to get enough sleep to get rid of his cold.
Why at 8 p.m. last night?

4. Dina and you were talking about me when I was not there yesterday.
Why when I was not there?

5. The car was travelling at 40 mph when it hit a guard rail.
How fast when it hit a guard rail?