Latihan soal past continuous tense 4

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Rubahlah kata yang ada di dalam tanda kurung menjadi bentuk yang benar.

1. Budi (eat) dinner when his friend called.

2. While Indah was cleaning the apartment, her husband (sleep).

3. At three o'clock this morning, Fahri (study).

4. Agus (go) to France lasy year.

5. When the teacher (enter) the room, the students were talking.

6. While Sinta was writing the report, Kusumo (look) for more information.

7. We (see) this movie last night.

8. At one time, Mr. Dadang (own) this building.

9. Jumadi a letter to his family when his pencil (broke).

10. When Husni arrived, the Djuharies (have) dinner, but they stopped in order to talk to him.