Latihan soal past continuous tense 3

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1. My teacher ____ the exercise to me.
2. I ____ to fix my computer.
3. My sister and my brother ____.
4. Why ..... he having lunch at 4 pm?
5. They ..... TV when I arrived.
6. There was a strong smell and the sound of frying. Obviously Mrs. Jones ..... (cook) fish.
7. The director didn't allow the actors to travel by air while they ..... (work) on the film.
8. Two men ..... (fight) at a street corner and a policeman ..... (try) to stop them.
9. The exam has just begun and the candidates ..... (write) their name at the top of their papers.
10. He said that he was the captain of a ship which ..... (sail) that night to Marseilles.