Latihan soal participles 4

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1. Having finished their exam, ____
2. "Who was released from prison in Beijing?"
"Wei Jingsheng ____ political opponent."
3. "Whose car is that?"
"You mean the one ____ in front of the bookstore."
4. Trying to smuggle drugs into the country, the criminals were caught by the customs officials at the airport.
The underlined words mean: ____ to smuggle drugs into the country.
5. Not allowed to use any kind of transportation, ____
6. ____ by not more than 40 families. Kampung Naga is unique village in West Java.
7. Having switched off the light, ____
8. "Trying hard to win the beauty contest", Ita neglected all her school assignment.
9. ____ what to say, he remained silent.
10. Having seen the movie, ____


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