Latihan soal participles 3

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1. Her majesty the queen, ____ in a big throne, received her guests politely.
2. James and Marry looked absulutely like a happy couple in the photograph ____ last year. No one had ever thought that they would get divorced.
3. Not ____ the answer to the question asked by her lecturer, Mia remained silent. She wished she would have studied more before presenting her analysis.
4. Nobody has claimed the gold watch ____ in the dustbin. Honestly, I think the principal should just sell it and use the money tu fund our school renovation.
5. Suzy is happy , ____ many good friends in her new school. Every now and then, she invites them to her house to enjoy some pizzas.
6. ____ by the fireworks, my dog, Chewy, ran with its tails between the legs. I don’t understand why Chewy is so scared of fireworks.
7. ____ in a classy black Chanel dress, Camile became a sensation that evening.
8. Having found the bandits’ hideout, the Sherrif quickly asked his men to surround the place. Meanwhile, ____ that resistance was futile, three bandits came out and surrendered willingly.
9. ____ by a painting of a wave, Martin McCoy designed a magnificent dress that received so many compliments from his fellow designers.
10. Bella was frowning at Dylan when he came up late, ____ that he had made her angry, he immediately apologized to her, promising that he would on time from then on.


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