Latihan soal participles 2

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1. After watching the trailer, we all know that “Transformers 5: The Last Knight” is going to be more ____ than the previous sequel.
2. All people accross Indonesia were ____ when they first heard the news of a massive tsunami striking the west most province, Aceh.
3. Linda was ____ when she found out that Tom had got divorced since two months ago. She never thought of it given he and his wife looked entirely happy all the time.
4. There’s been some very ____ news this week. The one that caought my attention the most is United States finally launching his Tomahawk missile to Syria.
5. Nobody wants to eat at the new hamburger joint in the town. Everyone who’s been there says that their hamburgers are ____. They’re cold and laden with grease.
6. Listening to Mr. Anderson’s lecture is a tough job. The man is very ____. I’ll be surprised if you can keep your head straight after 15 minutes.
7. X: I just got fired. The company is in crisis, so they have to let go some employees.
Y: Cheer up. Don’t feel so ____. There are plenty of other jobs waiting for you.
8. Anton is the most ____ guy I’ve known. I can barely comprehend what he actually means because he always talks in circle.
9. Jane is very ____ in Chemistry. She thinks all those silly molecules and flashy reactions are fascinating.
10. Mandy couldn’t say a word when she got to the top of Mount Bromo. She was ____ by what she found up there. She felt as if she was in a heaven above the sky.


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