Latihan soal nouns 1

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Rubah kata yang ada di dalam kurung menjadi bentuk jamak.


I put my old (book) in some (box).



1. I have some (hen) at home.

2. There are many (mouse) in my house.

3. People in many (city) have build a great number of (dam).

4. (Plant) and (animal) also need water.

5. Several (police) arrived at the site just a few (minute) after the accident.

6. Two of my (tooth) broke last year.

7. People slaughter (goat), (sheep), (cow), and (ox), in Idul Adha as a sacrifice.

8. Some (person) drink only a few (glass) of water each day.

9. We need water for our daily (need) for different (purpose).

10. I only saw five (woman) and two (man) coming to her party.

11. (Wolf) are dangerous animals.

12. Many house-(wife) add (tomato) to their cooking.


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