Latihan soal noun clauses 2

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1. Everybody knows ____, but he's still very popular with girls. Maybe girls today like players better than honest guys like me.
2. Many people do not believe that the new President of United States ____ his country well.
3. X: Excuse me, could you tell me ____?
Y: Sure. It's ten to seven.
4. We can't understand why Mrs. Stark thinks that Jonah is involved. We all know that he is not responsible for ____ Oliver did.
5. X: I just found a wallet full of money in the washroom.
Y: I think you'd better give it to the teachers, so they can announce it to the entire school.
6. My mom ___ to call her as soon as I arrived at Grandma's house. She wanted to make sure that everything was all right.
7. Alex's friend asked him how much ____ as a construction worker. He answered that it around $2,000.
8. Bob ask ed me ____ to the city park. Of course, I said yes. I had nothing to do that afternoon.
9. I asked Anna what kind of movies she liked and she said ____ she liked the romantic ones.
10. Chris told his mother that he was hungry, but she replied that ____ because his brother John ate it all.


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