Latihan soal modals 8

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1. ____ you swim when you were 10?
2. We ____ get to the meeting on time yesterday, because the train was delayed by one hour.
3. He ____ arrive at the party on time, even after missing the train, so he was very pleased.
4. He's amazing, he ____ speak five languages, including Chinese.
5. I ____ drive a car until I was 34. Then I moved to the countryside, so I had to learn.
6. I looked everywhere for my glasses but I ____ find them anywhere.
7. I searched for your house for ages. Luckily, I ____ find it in the end.
8. She's seven years old, but she ____ read yet. Her parents are getting her extra lessons.
9. I read the book three times, but I ____ understand it.
10. James ____ speak Japanese when he lived in Japan, but he's forgotten most of it now.


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