Latihan soal modals 5

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1. To get enough energy for a day, we ____ to eat three times a day.
2. Beckham is so rich that he ____ a small island.
3. Linda ____ some extra pens. Let’s ask her!
4. You had better ____ about that offer carefully. Good opportunity doesn’t come twice.
5. When you ride a motorcycle, you ____ signal before you turn.
6. I can’t find my chocolate in the refrigerator. Dina ____ eaten it. I hate that girl!
7. You ____ called me first before you came, so I could prepare some foods.
8. X: David was absent yesterday. Do you have any idea where he was?
Y: I don’t know. He ____ attended a family business or something.
9. My friend is getting married today. She ____ feel very nervous.
10. When Teddy was young, he ____ run very fast.


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