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1.They ____ do this the day after tomorrow. Now they are very busy.
2.I ____ write to Ann. I haven't written to her for ages.
3.This work ____ be done at once.
4.The teacher said they ____ all go home.
5.-How ____ I get to the nearest bus stop?
-You ____ go straight and then turn to the left.
6.Oh, you are seriously ill. I think you ____ consult a doctor and if he tells you to keep to bed you ____ do.
7.Tom ____ pass his exam in Literature and now he is working hard as he ____ take it again.
8.____ I come in? No, you ____ I am very busy now. I ____ write a report.
9.- ____ I smoke here?
- No, you ____ .
10.You ____ break the body but you ____ break the spirit.
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