Latihan soal modals 4

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1. Father asks his daughter to get some fruit from the grocery.
Father: “____.”
Daughter: “Sure, Dad.”
2. Joni ____ do this difficult question item since he is so clever.
3. Father: “It is going to rain, Smith. You ____ bring an umbrella.”
Smith: “Ok, Dad.”
4. Nina doesn’t need to go to school today because she is seriously ill. This means that Nina ____ go to school.
5. “You are really a speed driver.”
”See, when I was young, I ____ 240 miles per hour on the high way.”
6. Every students ____ come late to the class.
7. Police: “____ I see your driving license, please?”
Driver: “Sure.”
8. Mr. Jojon has a four-storey house and two Mercedes Benz. He ____ be rich.
9. “Roni has been in Saudi Arabia for seven years.”
Really. She ___ speak Arabic perfectly well then.”
10. “The kid wants to drink the tea.”
No! She ____. It is still too hot.”


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