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1. How ____ I tell her that her life will be ruined from this day on? I think, I can't.
2. It was so warm that we ____ wear our coats. It was very pleasant.
3. They will get hungry on the train, I think, you ____ give them some sandwiches.
4. You ____ a raincoat. You are wet through.
5. "You ____ choose any present you like, take it, please", said mother.
6. -Have you looked through these newspapers?
-No, I haven't. I ____ write an article.
7. We didn't go out last night. We ____ to the cinema but we decided to stay at home.
8. I was at home yesterday. You ____ have called and taken the dictionary.
9. - When I was a child I ____ draw well.
- And now? ____ you do it now?
10. That day as I ____ to be there at 5 sharp, I ____ to take a taxi.


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