Latihan soal modals 34

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1. A little girl comes up to her mother and asks if she ____ go to the park with her friend.
2. If you are ill and ____ go to school you ____ learn everything what you have missed.
3. The dog had run away and the children ____ find it though they were looking for it the whole day.
4. As Mr. John hadn't got the dictionary at hand, he ____ guess the meaning of the word.
5. Mark Twain ____ easily ____ across the Mississippi River.
6. It was late but the pupils ____ stay at school for an additional lesson.
7. The children have done their homework. I think they ____ have a rest now.
8. -Shall I retell the text?
-____ . You can only translate it.
9. Patient: Must I go to the hospital?
Doctor: No, you ____ . You ____ stay at home.
10. It ____ rain today. There are so many clouds in the sky.


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