Latihan soal modals 28

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1. If you ____ fix a radio, you ____ repair a TV too.
2. -I've examined you very carefully. I think all you ____ is a good rest.
-But I'm still feeling sick. Why don't you look at my tongue?
-It ____ a rest too.
3. You ____ do this work yourself, if you try.
4. Guests of the hotel ____ warn the clerk in advance when they leave.
5. My mother ____ neither read nor write after the operation and now I ____ help her.
6. ____ I borrow your text-book? I've left mine at home.
7. People ____ exercise regularly, otherwise they will get out of shape.
8. "Ma," said a little girl, "Willie wants the biggest piece of cake, and I think I ____ have it, because he was eating cakes two years before I was born."
9. -I live near my work.
-So you ____ go to the office by crowded buses.
10. -I ____ go to the cinema yesterday.
-Because I ____ complete my work.


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