Latihan soal modals 26

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1. Why didn't you help him? You ____ have done it.
2. A: ____ I phone you tonight?
B: Yes, you ____ .
3. But I ____ stay in England for six months, and not for a fortnight as I had planned.
4. -I ____ draw a circle with a pencil only, and you?
5. Last week I ____ go to town on business trip as the Ministry of Education had asked me to come.
6. If one person is careless with a library book, then it ____ be read by others.
7. After a book is written, it passes through the heads of very many different workers. Each worker works carefully, for there ____ not be any mistakes.
8. He tried, but ____ persuade nobody.
9. People who know a foreign language ____ learn a second one easily.
10. ____ I have a word with you, please?


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