Latihan soal modals 2

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1. You ..... so noisy. The baby was sleeping.
2. By the end of 2010, you ..... from your school.
3. Why did you stay at hotel in Jakarta? You ..... stayed with your uncle.
4. A : Why didn’t he say hello when he passed us on street?
B : He ..... been day dreaming.
5. This bag is very heavy. Please help me, I ..... take it by myself.
6. She ..... to finish the assignment before Friday.
7. You ..... be in hurry because you don't want to miss the train.
8. I ..... stay here very long if you permit me.
9. He is coughing all the time. He ..... coughing tablets.
10. "What should the country do to maintain self-sufficiency in rice?"
"It ..... double its rice production."


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