Latihan soal modals 12

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1. Why is that man looking around like that? He ____ be lost.
2. That woman ____ be a doctor! She looks far too young.
3. John always fails the tests, even though he's clever. He ____ study enough.
4. The food is really good at that restaurant. They ____ have a great chef.
5. Who's that at the door? It ____ be Susie - she'll still be at work now.
6. This ____ be John's house. This house has a red door and it's number 24, just like he said.
7. Julie ____ have much money or she would buy a new car. Her old one is falling apart.
8. He ____ be at work now, can he? It's nearly midnight.
9. What a lot of lovely flowers you have! You ____ really like gardening.
10. David ____ drink a lot of coffee. He's finished two packets already this week.


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