Latihan soal modals 1

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1. He ..... his homework by the time the teacher come to the class.
2. Why didn’t Charly apply for the job? He ..... gotten it.
3. A : I wonder why Jenny didn’t answer the doorbell.
B : Well, I suppose she ..... been a sleep.
4. I can’t find my bag anywhere. I’m sure I ..... left it in my room.
5. A lot of students didn’t pass the English test yesterday. The test ..... difficult.
6. If I have problems with my teeth, I think I ..... go to a dentist, not a veterinarian.
7. I have lived in England for two years, I ..... speak English fluently.
8. You ..... T-shirt school. That is prohibited.
9. He went by bus, but he ..... by motorcycle.
10. My brother break a glass in the kitchen, so he ..... clean it or he will be punished.


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