Latihan soal bahasa Inggris materi campuran 8

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1. He was helped by a very beautiful nurse.
The undelrined word has bearly the same meaning as ____
2. The police ____ for the robber for two years before they caught him.
3. "Is the new edition of this book already available?" No, ____
4. He started to make a living right after the death of his father. The underlined word mean ____
5. "The boys have been told the good news" mean ____
6. "Why were her eyes red?"
"Because ____".
7. "He must have been seen me eat the fish" means ____
8. "What did he promise you?"
"____ if he wins the lottery"
9. His name is Nadia, isn't ____?
10. "If I had come earlier, I could have met Bob in person" means ____


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