Latihan soal bahasa Inggris materi campuran 514

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1. A: Who cooks dinner at your house?
B: It ____ by my elder sister.
2. Mary to Tom: I have something to show you.
Mary told Tom that ____ had something to show ____.
3. A: What are you boiling that water for?
B: ____ .
4. The students ____ Don’t interrupt them.
5. Father to son : Please, don’t argue with me.
The father ____ argue with him
6. He is ____ that he has no time for regular meals.
7. He drove so fast ____.
8. Tourist to policeman: How far is it to the station?
The tourist ____ to the station.
9. Dear Mary, this is the first time ____ you a letter.
10. Who’s that girl? I can’t remember ____ her before.


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